Track Record

Stakeholder Engagement - Work in relation to stakeholder engagement has been undertaken in the UK, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, Malaysia, Brazil and Japan. Stakeholder engagement and communication is an expanding area for the company.


Environmental Remediation - Hylton Environmental supports the IAEA extensively in the field of environmental remediation and Peter acted as the nominated Steering Committee chair of their network on environmental remediation (ENVIRONET) for eight years. Experience in this field has been gained in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Thailand, China, Brazil and Japan.   


Radioactive Waste Management and Disposal Facility Site Selection - National waste management programmes have been supported through the provision of consultancy in the UK, Australia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Estonia and Romania.


Project and Technical Management - Peter has over twenty years of nuclear related project management experience. He has managed multi-disciplinary projects relating to land quality, radioactive waste management and site end state setting on UK sites like Sellafield, Capenhurst, Springfields and the LLWR.  


Training - Hylton Environmental regularly assists the IAEA on international training courses in the areas of environmental remediation, decommissioning and radioactive waste management. Peter is currently the Team Leader of a three year EC project to provide capacity building and training to the Ukrainian nuclear sectors in the three technical disciplines mentioned above. Experience in the field of training has been gained in the US, China, Romania, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Malaysia.    


Peer Review - Peter has led peer review processes in relation to the UK's deep geological disposal programme and for land quality programmes at the Sellafield site.


Research - Peter has project managed R&D projects in relation to contaminated land and environmental remediation. He additionally spent 20 months on secondment at the UK's nuclear regulator (ONR) where he coordinated their nuclear safety research programme. 

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