"I have the pleasure to be working with Peter on a three year European Commission training related project based in the Ukraine where he is supporting Idom Nuclear as our Team Leader. Peter has brought his extensive international and UK experience in the fields of remediation, contaminated soil assessment, and decommissioning into the project. I have been impressed with his work ethic, friendly personality, and his ability to work under pressure in a polite and courteous manner. He has proved his capability in dealing with the planning, management and delivery of complex international projects." 

Carlos Puras, Project Manager at IDOM


"Peter Booth brought his expertise in Lifecycle Management to a very special session of the 2014 Waste Management Symposium. Peter offered useful ideas on how to apply a lifecycle approach to environmental remediation projects in a way that supports engaging the right people at the right time while addressing a complex set of technical, logistical, and socio-economic requirements. Especially important, he showed us how to "get it right the first time" by strenghthening our standard planning tools in new ways."

Laurie Ford PhD, Operations Research Engineering. Waste Management Symposia, Session Organizer.


"For many years, Peter has contributed to CIRIA Steering Groups on work relating to contaminated sites (rad and non-rad) and also, in recent years, as Chair of the SAFESPUR event network. In both capacities, Peter's knowledge of the topic, the industry generally, and his contacts both nationally and internationally have proved extemely valuable."

Owen Jenkins, Director, CIRIA. 


“I first met Peter in 2008 at meetings hosted by the IAEA to support development of its Network of Environmental Management and Remediation (ENVIRONET). Since that time, I have benefited greatly from his expertise related to the environmental remediation of radiologically contaminated sites, particularly with respect to project planning, project management, and stakeholder engagement. Peter supports an annual training course that we run at Argonne with funding from the IAEA and the U.S. State Department. He has consistently been a hit with course participants because of the obvious breadth of his experience and his genuine willingness to share his knowledge.”

Karen P Smith, Senior Program Manager.

Argonne National Laboratory.


"Peter has worked with us in the past on conducting training in the areas of ER and D&D for a large group of international trainees. The lectures he presented were very favorably received and nicely compiled, presented and discussed with the group. We have used him for the last several years in this capacity."

Larry Boing, Argonne National Laboratory.


"Peter has been in the nuclear industry for many years and is well-respected and well-connected. He was very helpful in providing context for our research project guiding us in the technical parts of our work, and also providing not just a UK but an international perspective on the industry. He is a good listener, considers his responses carefully and was a pleasure to work with".

Marianne Broadgate,  acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd.


"Peter is a great supporter of the activities and environmental remediation projects that the Waste Technology Section of the IAEA is involved with. He chaired the ENVIRONET network for eight years and contributed a lot to its creation. Since then he has been the driving force and the motor of the ENVIRONET programme and its activities. He also contributes as an instructor to the course organised by the IAEA in cooperation with ANL on “Nuclear Facility Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation Skills”, a course that has been held for many years. He assists the IAEA in the preparation of technical documents in the fields of waste management and environmental remediation and lately has focused on providing guidance on approaches to be used in stakeholder communication and engagement to organisations (implementers and regulators) involved with environmental remediation projects. He is dedicated to his work, absolutely reliable and easy to work with. It is always a pleasure to cooperate with him."

Irena Mele, Special Advisor, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology Division, International Atomic Energy Agency.









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