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Hylton Environmental attended the IAEA's annual ENVIRONET meeting in Vienna in November 2019, chairing a session and giving a presentation on the key challenges of stakeholder engagement. 


The European Commission recently assessed tenders within their Euratom H2020 program. Hylton Environmental provided expert analysis in the assessment of tenders on nuclear training/education and decommissioning.   


Hylton Environmental provided support to the IAEA during a further consultants meeting in Vienna in July 2019 with the formulation of a detailed curriculum for a new four year international D&ER training program. 


The IAEA's annual two week international training course on decommissioning and environmental remediation was hosted again in Chicago during April 2019 by Argonne National Labs. Hylton Environmental as an international lecturer presented modules, case studies and exercises on stakeholder engagement, project management/planning, risk communication, knowledge management and site characterisation.


Hylton Environmental, in support to Idom Nuclear Services, are acting as their Team Leader on a three year EC project related to capacity building and training of the Ukrainian nuclear sector in the areas of radioactive waste management, decommissioning and environmental remediation.  


Hylton Environmental supported the Technical Cooperation Division of the IAEA at a consultants meeting in Vienna during January 2019 in order to formulate a four year international training program in decommissioning and remediation.


Hylton Environmental provided support to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) over a three year period in relation to the assessment of their legacy waste disposal trenches.    


Hylton Environmental attended the IAEA's annual ENVIRONET plenary meeting which took place in November 2018 in Vienna.


Hylton Environmental attended an IAEA LeTrench consultants meeting in Vienna during October 2018.  


Hylton Environmental supported the Technical Cooperation Division of the IAEA at a consultants meeting in Vienna during August 2018 in order to develop capacity building programs for its Member States.    


Hylton Environmental are the lead author on an IAEA TECDOC aimed at providing best practice guidance for the management and remediation of legacy waste disposal trenches.   


The IAEA ran a two week training course on the development of conceptual site models in support of environmental remediation projects (hosted in Chicago by Argonne National Labs) in July 2018. Hylton Environmental provided a series of lectures, exercises and case studies.


Hylton Environmental provided consultancy support to the IAEA in March 2018 through the development of a Technical Report on knowledge management in relation to decommissioning and environmental remediation. 


Hylton Environmental supported the IAEA's LeTrench project at a consultants meeting in Vienna in November 2017. 


Hylton Environmental are currently assisting the IAEA in the production of a document pertaining to knowledge management in relation to decommissioning and environmental remediation. 


Hylton Environmental attended the RICOMET 2017 conference in Vienna in June 2017. RICOMET focuses on the social and ethical aspects of decision-making in radiological risk situations.  


Hylton Environmental attended an IAEA consultants meeting as part of the ENVIRONET LeTrench project in Ukraine in May 2017. The meeting worked towards the preparation of a best practice guidance document on the assessment and remediation of legacy waste trenches, where we have produced the chapters on site characterisation and stakeholder engagement.   


Hylton Environmental supported the IAEA on a Technical Mission to Thailand in May 2017 in order to help develop an integrated decommissioning, waste management and remediation strategy for the Former Rare Earth Research and Development Centre near Bangkok. 


Hylton Environmental supported Argonne National Laboratory in the formulation of e-learning material in relation to the project planning/management of environmental remediation projects. 


Hylton Environmental attended an IAEA DERES project workshop in Vienna in March 2017 in order to revise a Technical Report on the setting of site end states following environmental remediation and decommissioning projects.


Hylton Environmental co-authored a paper on the KM requirements for decommissioning and environmental remediation programs which was presented at the IAEA's Knowledge Management conference in November 2016 in Vienna.   


Hylton Environmental attended an IAEA workshop related to the remediation of legacy waste trenches hosted by Sellafield Ltd during September 2016.   


Hylton Environmental provided a review and assessment of AcQuire Technology's latest Environmental Information Management System.  


Hylton Environmental attended an IAEA Knowledge Management workshop in Vienna during July 2016.


Hylton Environmental attended the IAEA's international conference on D&D and ER in Madrid during May 2016.      


Hylton Environmental presented two papers at the annual WM Symposia held in Phoenix, USA in March 2016. The papers revolved around "The Communication of Technical Information" and "Improving Workplace Management and Performance".  


Hylton Environmental supported the IAEA at an international workshop on Knowledge Management for Decommissioning and Environmental Remediation in November 2015 hosted by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.   


The IAEA held an international workshop in Baku, Azerbaijan in September 2015 on the subject of "Closure and Long Term Care and Maintenance of Sites after Remedation". Hylton Environmental helped formulate the workshop and provided a range of lectures.  


Hylton Environmental were invited to present at WISSYM 2015 in Germany in September 2015. WISSYM is an international mining conference and focussed on Reclaimed Mining Sites between Post-Remedial Care and Reuse. We provided a presentation on "The importance of record keeping and knowledge management".  


The IAEA is producing a TECDOC and underpinning training course aimed at assisting regulators to review uranium mining and milling environmental remediation plans. Hylton Environmental provided support to further this project alongside a range of international consultants in Vienna in March 2015.


The IAEA undertook an international expert mission to Fukushima Prefecture in December 2014 in order to appraise environmental remediation of the aquatic environment. Hylton Environmental were invited on this mission to lead on the stakeholder engagement components. 


The China Institute for Radiation Protection (China National Nuclear Corporation) invited Hylton Environmental to Taiyuan in October 2014 to provide advice on environmental remediation, decommissioning and radioactive waste management.  


The IAEA held an international workshop in Bucharest, Romania in October 2014 entitled "Supporting Remediation in European Member States". Hylton Environmental were invited to facilitate and present at this workshop.

















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