Hylton Environmental - Providing environmental consultancy to the nuclear, uranium mining and NORM industries.

Formed in 2013, Hylton Environmental is run by Peter Booth who has 29 years of nuclear industry experience gained both in the UK and through extensive international work. Environmental consultancy support is provided to all components of the nuclear, NORM and uranium mining industries.


Key areas include stakeholder engagement, radioactive waste management and disposal, decommissioning, environmental remediation, contaminated land assessment, setting of site end states, peer review, and training. Our wide ranging international experience has been acquired through EU and IAEA projects and includes technical missions, training courses, writing best practice guidance and network membership.


Training is provided internationally in support of radioactive waste management, environmental remediation and decommissioning. This training revolves around many underpinning subjects including; project planning, site characterisation, stakeholder engagement, risk communication, knowledge management, disposal facility site selection and decision making.   


Hylton Environmental works closely with clients to help them deliver sustainable, culture specific and transparent solutions against the many different environmental and nuclear related challenges.   


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a crucial component of the decision making process in relation to radioactive waste disposal, environmental remediation, decommissioning and the siting of new nuclear facilities.


Historically, the nuclear industry as well as other industries handling radioactive materials or creating radioactive wastes had a reputation of being secretive in nature. While in most countries this has changed there is still a certain level of distrust, and organisations realise that to engender trust and gain support they need to conduct their work in a more transparent manner. It has been demonstrated that a lack of engagement with key stakeholders on high profile projects often provides one of the greatest risks to its sucessful delivery.          


Hylton Environmental has extensive experience in this arena through the provision of consultancy, training and the chairing of international training courses.  



Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation can be a stand alone activity, take place during the decommissioning lifecycle or form part of general site clean up when working towards an end state. With a wide range of legacy sites worldwide there is an ever increasing pressure to protect human health and the environment through the application of sustainable clean-up approaches. Coupled with the legacy challenge there are poorly regulated NORM sites, emergency situations and accidents, new uranium mining applications as well as operational sites which may require remediation activities either today or in the future. 


Hylton Environmental provides both consultancy and training support to those requiring environmental remediation expertise. We support the IAEA and its Member States on global remediation challenges through involvement in their Technical Cooperation Programmes, writing of IAEA TECDOCS, residing on the Steering Committee of their environmental management and remediation network (ENVIRONET), delivering training courses and representing them at international conferences.    

Radioactive Waste Management

Radioactive waste management/disposal is one of the nuclear industry's greatest challenges. Many wastes are safely stored at the surface on nuclear licensed sites but disposal is still seen by many as a longer term solution for wastes of all activity levels. The near surface disposal of VLLW/LLW is an internationally accepted concept and many countries successfully operate or are developing facilities. The UK and international community believe that higher actvity wastes should be disposed of deep underground in geological repositories but to date few countries can demonstrate real progress with their geological disposal programmes.      


Hylton Environmental has experience in both the UK and internationally in supporting the areas of radioactive waste management, disposal facility site selection and safety case development. This experience includes the delivery of IAEA training courses, IAEA and EU funded Technical Missions and support to the UK's LLWR.


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